Reverse Engineering – January 13 2019

Def Con 919 Presents – Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

Sunday, Jan 13, 2019, 3:00 PM

17 Ethical Hackers Attending

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Sunday, January 13, 3 PM
We’re starting earlier to get through more material.

ALL levels of experience are welcome! It helps to have some knowledge of a high-level programming language like C, Python, or Java, but we’ll cover the basics if necessary. You do not have to be a “hacker” to attend.

Software reverse engineering is an incredibly valuable skill to have in your arsenal. From CTF competitions to vulnerability discovery, analysis, and exploitation, it’s often necessary to delve into the low-level inner workings of a software sample to get the job done. Knowing how software operates at a low level will also make you a better developer!

Software RE can be a daunting discipline to pick up for even experienced software and security professionals, simply due to the intimidating breadth of knowledge that can be required just to get started. This workshop aims to outline your foray into RE and focus on the foundational skills needed to learn quickly and be successful. We may even solve some crackmes! You didn’t think you’d get out of this without some hands-on practice, did you?

The examples in this workshop will require a 64-bit Intel Linux system (virtual, Windows with WSL, or native) to run. There is also a Docker image at 3pidemix/reveng with the necessary environment configured to run the examples. Labs and setup instructions can be found here: Please review them prior to the workshop if you plan to participate in the hands-on labs.

3:00 Intro and announcements
3:10 Reverse Engineering Presentation
5:30 Clean-up the room
6:00 Drinking at Carolina Ale House

Main Meeting at 3 PM:

Bar Meeting at 6 PM:

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