Online CTF Practice Meeting

Friday, Sep 11, 2020, 7:00 PM

3 Ethical Hackers Attending

Check out this Meetup →

Hope this finds you well! Are you trying to up your game for CTF challenge? Can we help?
Knowing the enemy or preparing to pen-test, the hacking challenges represent real-world puzzles every day.

To help with this, DC919 will be hosting a conference call hack session on the 2nd Friday of this month. Here we hope to hack common vulnerable images, on our own machines.

Each month we’ll announce a new image that will be our target. Prepare by installing VMWare, VBox, or Whatever, download the image and making sure you can ping it before we get started. Loop into Slack if you need help with this.

All skill levels are welcome, but this is a peer-learning event without a leader. Newbs will want to partner with someone experienced. Everyone will work at their own pace and discuss the challenge in Real Time on the call.

Thanks for reading, and considering!

It is highly recommended that you have your environment setup ahead of time. If you need help, hit us up on Slack and we can assist you getting setup.