Contact us for more info on how to help out Def Con 919.

Website Content Contributor – Write up a review of a conference, add interesting links, or give us some information on your project.

Project Presenter – Have an infosec or “hacking” topic you’re passionate about? We want to hear about it! BACE16 will work with you to schedule and setup a presentation to show off to others what you’ve been working on.


DC919 Inc. is a 501(c)(3) setup to support Def Con 919.  Donations go toward general maintenance for the group, swag, and materials for meetings.

You can also search for DC919 Inc in many other donation fields such as Amazon Smile.


Meetings will feature stickers and other promotional swag, it’s brought to free of charge from member and leadership donations.

We sometimes run a donation drive and offer premium swag such as T-shirts as a gift for a recommended donation.  The T-shirts are professionally produced by Big Frog Durham.